Seaside dining perfection at The Salt Room, Brighton

I am a bad blogger. This realisation came when it occurred to me that I hadn’t written anything for ages on Seaside Living. In fact, I think I only managed one post in June, and one in July. To be fair, life has been busy! It’s been the season of big birthdays, super hectic times at work and, well, the weather has been just fabulous. And as committed as I am to writing about life by the sea, it was always going to be more fun just living Seaside Living – especially given the amazing Summer weather we’ve been having (yes here, in the U.K.!).

Anyway, I’m back, and excited to be writing about something so seaside, and so epic. As my husband recently and finally turned 30 (I’m slightly older so was very happy to see him join my decade), we took the day off and fully embraced Seaside Living. We spent the day lunching at Perch on Lancing Beach and relaxing on Shoreham Beach – it was even warm enough for a sea swim. For the evening celebrations we headed into Brighton, where I ‘d booked us on to the British Airways i360, followed by dinner at The Salt Room. We had been wanting to try the latter for ages having heard very good things, so were excited to finally find an occasion to treat ourselves to a visit.

British Airways i360 for a seaside view

Starting off with the BA i360. This is an attraction built to replace, but also remember, the West Pier which is deteriorating into the sea on a daily basis. It’s essentially a 20 minute ride or ‘flight’ where you enter into a glass cable car, which takes you 138 metres into the air – giving you a 360 degree view of Brighton, the south coast, and the stunning South Downs. At £16 a ticket it’s not something you’d do on a regular basis, but it’s definitely worth it as a treat – the views are absolutely stunning. You can see for miles, particularly if you book on a clear day, and if you live in the area it’s even more fun as you can get a totally different perspective on where you call home. As this was a special occasion (and you know I can’t resist bubbles) we treated ourselves to a glass of Ridgeview sparkling wine – what a clever partnership from them! It was over pretty quickly, but it was a great experience and I’m sure we’ll be back again soon to show our friends what life after London looks like…

British Airways i360, Brighton, Sussex

Enjoying the view, and the Ridgeview…

British Airways i360, Brighton, Sussex

The Salt Room for seaside dining

Moving on to the the main event: dinner at The Salt Room. Firstly, I’ll admit that I liked this restaurant before we even arrived, as they have a great social media presence and are always engaging with their followers in a genuine way rather than trying to push what they’re offering (so many brands get this so wrong!). And although we’d heard great things about the restaurant, this definitely added to our reasons for wanting to go.

The Salt Room restaurant, Brighton, Sussex

Seaside dining perfection…

Now not only is The Salt Room one of the few fine dining restaurants in Brighton that’s open on a Monday, it also offers BYO that day – the dream! So we brought a bottle of Chablis with us, courtesy of my Dad (he is where my love of wine comes from) and The Salt Room was kind enough to not only take this in advance (as we couldn’t take it to the BA i360 – which is incidentally across the road) but they also offered to keep it chilled. What service! That said we thought it would be rude not to sample the cocktails on offer, so started the evening with an aperitif in the bar area – and I have to say that the Rosé Swizzle (Gin, Cocchi Rosé, Hibiscus & Berry Shrub, Citrus, Rosé) was quite possibly the best cocktail I’ve ever had. Big statement.

Cocktails at The Salt Room, Brighton, Sussex

Epic cocktail

When booking I’d asked for a table by the window, so we could enjoy the view – as the restaurant is right on the sea front – and not only were we offered the option of sitting on their terrace (which is ideal for an afternoon glass of rosé), we were also offered three tables inside with sea views to choose from. The decor is lovely, there’s nothing twee or nautical in sight, and the restaurant was busy (great for a Monday) but the atmosphere was relaxed and the staff were super attentive despite having so many covers to serve.

The menu is extensive for a restaurant that mainly focuses on fish (obviously – although there are meat and vegetarian options), and it’s all sourced locally in Sussex (big win). There’s also a specials board which changes daily. To start we opted for a Rock Pool (crab, mussels, oyster, cockles and shellfish jelly), the Teriyaki Salmon (with wasabi, cucumber and lime), and a homemade bread selection with brown crab mayo and tarragon butter. Now I’m no food blogger, so it’s best I leave the impressive adjectives to them, but what I will say is that it was all absolutely delicious.

For mains I enjoyed the Cod (with chorizo, bbq onions, samphire and lemon) – which was cooked to perfection; and my husband had the Sea Trout (with crayfish dumplings, asparagus, bbq tomato and basil) – delightful. We also had a side of The Salt Room chips, which were incredibly calorific, but they were up there with the best chips I’ve ever had – and this is an even bigger statement as chips are definitely my favourite food group.

Despite being rather full from such an epic meal, dessert was not going to pass me by given how incredible it has looked in pictures posted on social media. Now I do not have a sweet tooth, I have sweet teeth – all of them, so for me it was always going to be about their infamous Taste of the Pier – a sharing dessert for two comprising: Cherry ‘’99’’, jam doughnut, raspberry and white chocolate fudge, blackcurrant marshmallow, lemon pops, chocolate pebbles and candy floss. Words fail me when it comes to describing this… It was basically dessert heaven. I may have to go and see my dentist to recover, but oh my goodness it was worth it. I hear that The Salt Room now offers an Afternoon Tea (another favourite of mine), so I think it would be rude not to venture back soon and try this out too…

Dessert at The Salt Room restaurant, Brighton, Sussex

Dessert heaven

I think you can probably tell that we enjoyed our visit. It is probably the best dining experience we’ve had in Brighton, and it’s probably up there with the best dining experiences we’ve had full stop. It’s definitely one to be reserved for special occasions, as it’s at the more expensive end, but it is absolutely worth it. The food is insane, but it’s the effort that the restaurant goes to – to make sure you have a special dining experience with them (they even noted that it was my husband’s birthday). My only issue is the fact that birthday’s only come round once a year…

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