Seven reasons to embrace a seaside staycation

Next time you’re planning a weekend break or holiday away I would urge you to consider a seaside staycation! We’re so lucky to have the most beautiful coastline here in the U.K., so here are seven reasons why you should explore it…

1. Our coastline is stunning!

I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, but our Great British Coastline is truly special. It’s so varied – from the white sands on the west coast of Scotland, to the rugged shores of Cornwall, to the magnificent cliffs of the Jurassic coastline, to the classic British seaside offered by resorts around the country. We are an island nation lucky enough to never be far from the sea – so let’s make the most of it people and start exploring everything it has to offer!

Cornwall seaside staycation

Beautiful Cornwall

2. It’s cheaper than going abroad

I will never be happy about Brexit, but being a glass half full kind of girl I’m going to highlight one area of our economy that will hopefully be ok: our tourism industry. It’s becoming more attractive affordability wise to holiday at home, thanks to the falling pound, and fortunately we don’t have to settle – the U.K. has so much to offer and that’s not just limited to our magnificent coastline. So go on, explore what’s right in front of you.

3. Seaside accommodation got serious

I cannot get over the resurgence in seaside hotels, b&bs and self catering cottages. No longer does a seaside holiday here in the U.K. mean tired looking accommodation run by an eccentric and sometimes terrifying land lady. There’s such an array of charming options out there now, and it’s increasingly flexible thanks to websites like Airbnb; you’re no longer tied to week long rentals, but can instead choose how many nights you want to sign up for. I’ve been looking into booking a holiday in Cornwall for later this year and been blown away by how many places there are and how great they all look. Coastal getaways here in the U.K. just went up a level.

Seaside accommodation in Cornwall

The Idle Rocks, Cornwall

4. It’s less stressful

I don’t actually find travelling stressful, but I know some people do. Packing, airport security, flying etc. – it can all be a bit much especially for a weekend getaway. Headlines increasingly feature airline problems (no names to be mentioned…) and if your flight is delayed as you embark on a 48 hour weekend break it’s likely it’ll be time to head home as soon as you’ve arrived! Staying in the U.K. and heading to the coast is easy, and quick! As I said, we’re an island nation. Plus there’s no jet lag! So take the stress out of your time off by choosing to stay here instead.

Less time travelling means more time relaxing

5. You can relive your childhood memories

Fun fairs on piers, fish & chips and ice creams by the sea (hello mint choc chip), Punch & Judy, fishing nets for rock pools, buckets & spades for beaches, deck chairs & wind breaks, picnic rugs and cool boxes, rash vests & body boards…seriously just how fun were seaside holidays when you were younger? It’s time to relive those nostalgic good times and show your kids just what the Great British summer holiday is all about.

Ice cream heaven

6. You can take your dog

A niche point sure, but if you could take your dog on holiday you would right? Well look no further than the staycation… And with so many beautiful dog friendly coastal walks to explore around our coastline you will come back from holiday in better shape than when you left!

What a view from this coastal walk

7. You’re supporting the local economy

This is actually a really important point. This is a post about seaside staycations, not the British economy, but I think we all know it’s a little uncertain right now. So what better time to support our local tourism industry and local businesses then choosing to spend your hard earned holiday money with them – #lovelocal

The Salt Room restaurant, Brighton, Sussex

Loving local at The Salt Room, Brighton


  1. August 1, 2017 / 1:32 pm

    If I had the opportunity I would love to take a tour around the whole of the UK coastline.

    • August 1, 2017 / 2:20 pm

      Me too! That’s the dream – a road trip in a camper van around the UK coast 😊

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